Les Pilon d'Amérique


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Our Ancestors

In North America, most Pilons are descendants of Antoine or Jean-Baptiste Pilon. Antoine, originally from the parish of St-Patrice in Bayeux, Normandy, France, arrived in New France around 1687 and was one of the founders of Pointe-Claire. The majority of Pilons are his descendants.

Jean-Baptiste Pilon dit Lafortune, came from the Parish of St-Eustache in Paris, Island of France and arrived around 1677. He settled in the Repentigny region of Quebec.

 Below are Antoine and Marie Anne's children:

 1. Jeanne Pilon was born on December 9, 1689 in Montreal only 11 months after her parents' wedding. On February 1, 1706, at the age of 16, she wed Jacques Proulx Lepoitevin at S. Anges, in Lachine on the Island of Montreal. Jeanne died on July 31, 1768 in Pointe-Claire at age 78 and was buried the next day at S. Joachim, in Pointe-Claire.

2. Jean Pilon was born in 1691 in Laprairie and married Marie Anne Gervais on November 18, 1714 at 23 years of age in Ste. Anne de Bellevue. Jean died on April 10, 1755 in Pointe-Claire. He was 64 years old. He and Marie Anne had 10 children.

3. Pierre Pilon, born on March 22, 1693 at the Nativité de la B.M.V., in Laprairie. wed Anne Daoust on January 7, 1715. He was only 21 years old and she 15. Anne was born on August 11, 1699. Together they had 18 children.

4. Antoine Pilon was born  on March 11, 1695 but died a month later on April 17, 1695 in Laprairie, Chambly.

5. Elisabeth Pilon, born on April 28, 1696 in Montreal, wed Guillaume Daoust  on January 7, 1715 at St. Joachim, in Pointe-Claire. She was 18, him 20. Elisabeth is deceased on October 29, 1766 in Pointe-Claire at the age of 70.

6. Antoine Pilon, born on October 2, 1698 in Lachine lives only a few months. He is deceased on March 6, 1699 in Lachine.

7. Mathieu Pilon, born on April 5, 1700 in Lachine wed M. Josephte Daoust on February 28, 1724. M. Josephte is Guillaume's sister,. Guillaume is Elisabeth's husband. He is 23 and she is 18. Mathieu is deceased on April 11, 1780 at the age of 80. They had 12 children.

8. Thomas Pilon, born on April 28, 1702 in Lachine, wed M. Madeleine Daoust on January 24, 1725 in Pointe-Claire. She is another  one of Guillaume's sisters. He is 22 and she, born on April 3, 1704, is 20 years old. Thomas is buried on February 25, 1750 at Ste-Genevieve, in Montreal. He was only 47 years old and at the time had 10 children ranging in age from one and a half to 24.

9. Jacques Pilon, born on February 29, 1704 in Lachine is deceased on May 11, 1704.

10. M. Madeleine Pilon is born on August 19, 1705 in Lachine and is deceased on November 24, 1722 in Pointe-Claire.

11. Antoine Pilon, born on June 12, 1707 in Lachine, wed M. Josephte Roy, who was born in 1713, on June 27, 1729 in Pointe-Claire. He was 22 and she 16. Antoine is deceased on February 3, 1790 at the age of 82. Sixteen children are the results of this union.

12. M. Anne Antoinette Etiennette Pilon, born on March 30, 1709 at Ste-Anne de Bellevue wed Jean-Baptiste Dubois on November 27, 1730. M. Anne is deceased on December 15, 1794 at Pointe-Claire. She was 85 years old.

13. M. Louise M. Madeleine Pilon, born on April 24, 1711 at Ste-Anne de Bellevue, wed André Prézeau on November 20, 1727 at the age of 16. She is deceased on March 25, 1737 at the age of 25.

14. Jacques Pilon, born in 1713,  wed M. Jeanne Messaguier Laplaine, in Lachine, on October 19, 1733. Jacques is deceased in April 1753 at the young age of 40. He had 10 children.


Orignial Pilon House

The house of our ancestor Antoine, built around 1706, as it exists today in Pointe-Claire, Quebec.