Les Pilon d'Amérique


New Series of Articles

A series of articles looking at the history of the population in North America and parts that later became known as New France and Canada. Originally written in French by Jean-Guy Pilon (#387) of Sainte-Thérèse, Québec, these articles first appeared in the quarterly bilingual publication of the Association Le Journal des Pilon. Your comments are appreciated. We thank Jean-Guy for his generosity.


New France and Canada


1.  The First Humans in America (December 2000)

2.  The Amerindians (March 2001)

3.  Prelude to the Discovery (June 2001)

4.  European Status at the Time of the Discoveries (September 2001)

5.  The Exploring Sailors (December 2001)

6.  A Difficult Birth (March 2002)

7.  Colonizing Canada: Girls to Marry (June 2002)

8.  Founding of Ville-Marie (March 2003)

9.  Colonization in Canada: The King’s Girls (September 2003)

10. The King’s Girls and the Pilons (September 2003)

11. The Glorious Years (September 2004)

12. Uncertain Horizon (March 2005)

13. Towards the Final Defeat (December 2005)

14. Epilogue (March 2006)